Our Approach

Learning from multiple clients, Beauty Business Coaching offers salon business coaching services to salon owners, makeup artist, hairstylist, skin care specialist, beauty blogger which increases profitability and builds a framework for continual success.  Our beauty industry coaches have ‘walked-the-talk’ and ‘lived in your shoes’, having experienced or witnessed similar trials and tribulations.  We are confident we can make a difference in your profitability and long-term success. What makes us unique at Beauty Business Coaching is we custom tailor our coaching services based on six business-building and team-building points of difference. Our custom-tailored programs are designed to meet the needs of each client. Help clients get their product into the beauty supply. He will show you step-by-step on how to manufacture your products.

We are the only beauty industry coaching and consulting firm that enjoys our clients ending their coaching services with us. We see it as a compliment that in such a short time, our clients understand the key concepts and feel confident to continue independently on their own.Our goal is to enrich independent salons and spas with the tools and knowledge to be successful; to coach, teach and mentor them to a higher level of understanding. Then leave them to excel in their own business. Without the continued success of our coaching clients, there is no reason for us to exist. Check out our EBook on how to become a beauty entrepreneur, A list of any Beauty manufacturer ebook.


Our Story

The book title is called How to Become A Beauty Entrepreneur and Take-over the Beauty Industry. We are offering an e-book for Beauty Manufacturers. I actually have both of these books in a hardcover book and electronic e-book through Amazon. I love these books and I read it over and over again.I have an entrepreneur personality. whenever I read these books, it gives me inspiration, I get inspired to create. By no means, these books have a negative sense or aspect by any means necessary. But I look at these books as inspiration. Because is getting my mindset to take my mind to the next level of entrepreneurship. People on YouTube talking about, Think and Grow Rich. The reason why I like it because it makes me really motivated. I have an interest in actually starting my own book, becoming a book Author. When I read how to become a beauty entrepreneur.it gets me inspired, to help other entrepreneurs start their own beauty business.I can read these books over and over again. For example, The reason why I love how to become a beauty entrepreneur. Because she gives examples of where she came from, what steps of how she became successful.The author also shows, step-by-step on how to become a beauty entrepreneur yourself.I absolutely love this book, because I can relate being in the industry for about proximally 10 years.becoming a cosmetologist, going to beauty school in understanding the industry.which inspired me to write my own book.I absolutely love this book because I want to inspire me and others to become Beauty entrepreneurs.OK let’s get inspired, what makes the author smart, because she’s a best-selling author, Number one bookseller, on Amazon.she created her own wealth by simply telling others, how she became successful in the beauty industry.what makes it works, it’s simple by simply.telling people step-by-step on how to become successful, it’s just that simple.me reading this book inspires me to write my own.so I want to get inspired.let us all become beauty entrepreneurs. I have a personal attachment to this piece, because I bought it E-reader from Amazon, so I can get inspired to write, and change the way my mind thinks.I want to become inspired to help others starting a business.this piece changes my aspect, The way of thinking, renewing my mind, changing habits, accomplishing my goals, write a dream board, write a book, Focus in school, help others, accomplish their goals, and inspire others to be successful.


Founder & Ceo Latrina Belt aka Trina Trends